Giving sketching another go

There are two skills I’ve always wanted to learn, but never had the patience to do so. Playing an instrument and drawing. The next couple of weeks I am planning to make another go at the latter. I have no ambition to excel at it or being able to produce super realistic drawings, all I want is to become proficient enough to master the basics. What drives my interest in drawing is being able to communicate ideas. Right now I am pretty awful at drawing, especially faces (noses are simply impossible), so my goal is to achieve a skill-level where people (other than me) actually recognizes what or who I am trying to draw.

I am planning to draw one famous person each week, and make one attempt per day. I would really appreciate any feedback or tips on how I can improve my drawings. Also please make a guess at who the person is, hopefully someone can muster enough imagination to make it towards the end of the week 😉